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You are welcome to the US-Memphis-based international acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic, a
gateway to your optimal health.

While science enjoyed its heyday in the 1800s, medical practices have existed for as long as mankind
has been plagued by disease. How ancient cultures managed to advance at such a rapid pace remains a
mystery, but the Ancient Chinese constructed a medical system that was far beyond their years.
Prognosis, diagnosis and treatment have been the three founding tiers of medical care since the fifth
century. Hippocrates turned the focus onto ethics in medicine, but the Ancient Chinese developed a range
of treatments 4,500 years ago. The field has proved its worth by outlasting most other techniques that
began in its time. Acupuncture, herbs and Tai Chi remain popular practices for today`s patients, both in
Asia and the Western world.

Chinese medicine is largely based on the concept of yin and yang, which states that the world and the
body are made up of complementary but opposing forces. The ancient concept of chi is also central to the
practice. Laser, electronic and classic acupuncture are used to open up the energy field and allow chi to
circulate freely. TCM is also dominated by the belief that the five networks (elements) control the body`s
functioning. Herbal remedies balance out the fluctuating elements to balance over-activity that is causing

Contemporary Chinese healers offer highly individualized care for each unique patient. Diagnosis is
achieved through verbal communication, observations and palpation. In physical examinations,
practitioners look at the eyes, tongue and complexion. They also focus on the body`s temperature, pulse
rate and breathing. Herbal treatments are delivered in the form of tinctures, teas and powders, while
acupuncture works to align the body`s energy fields so that patients can heal naturally. Dietary
treatments, Qi-gong, massage and Tai Chi are incorporated to guide the body towards a place of balance
and harmony. Such practices are commonly used to support a healthy system and many patients gain
emotional and physical benefits through regular maintenance techniques.

The Yan's One Clinic Express pushes costs down to affordable levels by offering both in-office and online
services. Further cost cutting measures are available through loyalty systems that discount package
deals. By taking treatments to housebound patients and extending care beyond office hours, the clinic
reaches out to patients timeously and conveniently. New patients are given a free initial consultation.
Natural healing techniques need to be supported and overseen by medical professionals. Your
chemist plays an important role in managing care by combining mainstream concepts with TCM
techniques to ensure that all treatments are properly integrated.


Main Features

We stand out in the alternative healthcare market for the following reasons:

  • High-quality authentic Chinese medicine services with best client satisfaction.

  • Easily accessible services through either online or on-site visit.

  • Package-based services with big savings.

  • A large selection of Chinese herbs in forms of powder/raw material and formula.

  • After-hour and weekends services available.

  • Painless laser acupuncture.

  • Integrative symptom- and disease-oriented skills in the management of pain, cancer, allergy,
    arthritis, COPD, ADHD, IBS, infertility, and anxiety.

  • Participation of networks of the American Specialty Health and OptumHealth Care Solutions-
    Physical Health.
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Acupuncture Memphis
Dr Yan has a gift in
acupuncture. His treatments
are very thorough and his
attention to every detail is
fantastic. I have had other
acupuncture treatments in
town and none compare. The
office is professional and
relaxing. My pain issue
resolved with just a few
        --  L. Colbert       
                 Cordova, TN

I loved receiving my
acupuncture treatments from
Dr. Jian. I know it sounds odd,
but it is actually a very relaxing
experience. My energy levels
are now up and my knee pain
is so much better. I have
recommended him already to
my friends and family!

S Robertson
                Memphis, TN

I barely could walk into his
office. I have a slipped disc in
my lower back. My sciatica
was hurting badly. I never had
acupuncture so was unsure
that it worked. I tried physical
therapy which did little to
relieve the pain. After the first
session, I could walk. I am a
believer now. I recommend
Dr. Yan without any

                 --   R Tom
              Collierville, TN
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