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You are welcome to the Memphis-based international acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic - Yan's Clinic, a
gateway to your optimal health.

This is a ALL-IN-ONE alternative medical zone where you would not regret visiting.

If you are suffering from back pain, the cure is just a click away

If you are having
allergies, you will find better ways to get them under control with our approaches.

If you are on chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy for cancer, we will help you better deal with associated side
effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and fatigue.

Main Features

We stand out in the alternative healthcare market for the following reasons:

  • High-quality acupuncture and Chinese herb services with unique expertise in integrative cancer medicine

  • Easily accessible services through either online or on-site visit.

  • Package-based services with big savings.

  • A large selection of Chinese herbs in forms of powder/raw material and formula.

  • After-hour and weekends services available.

  • Painless laser acupuncture.

  • Integrative symptom- and disease-oriented skills in the management of pain, cancer, allergy, arthritis,
    COPD, ADHD, IBS, infertility, and anxiety.

  • Participation of networks of the American Specialty Health and OptumHealth Care Solutions-Physical
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 MD; PhD; LAc
Member of
Tennessee Advisory
Committee for Acupuncture
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Acupuncture Memphis

Dr Yan has a gift in acupuncture.
His treatments are very thorough
and his attention to every detail
is fantastic. I have had other
acupuncture treatments in town
and none compare. The office is
professional and relaxing. My
pain issue resolved with just a
few treatments.
               --  L. Colbert       
I couldn't wait until my next
appointment to tell you that last
night on my way home from our
session, I closed my right eye
and could see a little bit more
clearly out of my left eye.  I have a
cataract in my left eye that for the
past two years has blurred my
vision out of that eye.   I am
beyond excited at the progress
my body has made with just 3
visits.   I cannot say thank you
                   -- J. Whitmire

I loved receiving my acupuncture
treatments from Dr. Jian. I know
it sounds odd, but it is actually a
very relaxing experience. My
energy levels are now up and my
knee pain is so much better. I
have recommended him already
to my friends and family!
S Robertson
I barely could walk into his office.
I have a slipped disc in my lower
back. My sciatica
was hurting badly. I never had
acupuncture so was unsure that
it worked. I tried physical
therapy which did little to relieve
the pain. After the first session, I
could walk. I am a believer now. I
recommend Dr. Yan without any
                     --   R Tom
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New stroke-focused services are provided in China now!
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